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Oxford Memanggil with Bpk Dody Budi Waluyo

The Indonesian Students’ Association in Oxford (Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Oxford, also known as PPI OXFORD) is a student-led organization that facilitates Indonesian scholars currently studying in Oxfordshire.

We are a non-profit organisation with a three-fold mission:

  • to strengthen the relationship amongst Indonesian students in Oxford and the United Kingdom
  • to promote Indonesian cultures, culinary heritage, and tourism to the local community in Oxford,
  • to inspire Indonesians to pursue their studies at Oxford

If you have questions about studying in Oxford, please check our FAQ page. Otherwise, please send your enquiries here (contact us) or follow us on social media.

PPI Oxford Committee 22/23

PPI Oxford Committee 2022-2023

President: Abid A. Adonis
DPhil in Information, Communication and the Social Sciences, University of Oxford

Vice President : Abu Hanifah R.
DPhil in Paediatrics, University of Oxford

Secretary/Treasurer: Marcellus K.
DPhil in Clinical Medicine, University of Oxford

External Division:
Kianda D. S. [MSc Energy Systems, University of Oxford]
Angga W. L. [DPhil in Women’s Reproductive Health, University of Oxford]
Adrian Maulana [MBA, University of Oxford]
Athaya F. P. [MSc Precision Cancer Medicine, University of Oxford]
Gloria Gloretta [MBA, University of Oxford]
Keziah Nadya [International Business Management, Oxford Brookes University (Exchange)]
Lazuardi P. [DPhil in Materials, University of Oxford]
Vanessa Jaya [BA Economics & Management, University of Oxford]
Nadia K. [Master of Public Policy, University of Oxford]

Internal Division:
Nando Reza P. [MSc Modelling for Global Health, University of Oxford]
Olivia Tjahjono [Interdisclipinary Biosciences, University of Oxford]
Vassa M. [MSc Education (Child Development & Education), University of Oxford]
Jesslyn V. T. [Advanced Level Foundation, Kings Oxford]

Multimedia and Creative Division:
Hamdi P. Ahmad [MPhil Islamic Studies, University of Oxford]
Adeline Queena [MSc Digital Marketing, Oxford Brookes University]

Besides PPI Oxford, there are two Indonesia societies in the University of Oxford and Oxford-Brookes University. Its membership is open to anyone including those from other nationalities with interest in Indonesia.

  • OXONIS (Oxford University Indonesia Society): Link
  • ISOB (Indonesia Society at Oxford Brookes University): Link
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