PPI Oxford 2015-2016 Events Calendar

Are you ready for our fun and intellectually stimulating events? Below is our assorted 2015-2016 events calendar. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about or even take part in any of our event!

2015 Events Calendar

  • AD/ART PPI Oxford
  • Oxford Asian Food Festival
  • OX I-Talks (Dr. Intan Syah Ichsan & Dr. Kevin Fogg, Indonesia and Heroism: past, present and future, 19 Nov)


  • PPI Oxford Christmas and End of Year Dinner


2016 Events Calendar

  • OX I-Talks (Wiem Burung, Papua: A Hidden Reality, 29 Jan)


  • Chinese New Year Gathering (7 Feb),
  • Oxford Sharing Session


  • LOxBridge Challenge + Academic Exchange (12 Mar),
  • Easter Family Trip (Wytham Wood, 27 Mar)
  • Oxford Sharing Session


  • Kartini Day celebration (Afternoon Tea+Indonesian Dinner, 21 Apr)
  • Oxford Sharing Session


  • Garuda Cup,
  • Mental Health Awareness Week (Reflection Tea, 20 May)
  • Oxford Sharing Session


  • End of Trinity term Celebration (Family Trip to Alton Towers Trip, 18 June)
  • Oxford Sharing Session


  • Eid Gathering (Picnic to Port Meadow, 6 July 2016)
  • Oxford Sharing Session


  • Oxford Indonesian Festival (27 August),
  • Indonesian Independence Day (Flag raising ceremony, 20 August)
  • Oxford Sharing Session


  • Oxford Eduday


  • Freshers Meet&Greet,
  • Annual General Meeting

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