PPI Oxford 2014/2015 Committee

PPI Oxford 2013/2014 committee would like to say thanks to everyone for the great year! All Indonesian students in Oxford, other Indonesians residing in Oxford, and non-Indonesians who were with us in our journey, it was thanks to all of you for the success of our work in the past year!

On 18 October 2014, we have elected our new President for the year 2014/2015: Yudhistira Nugraha, who has recruited his amazing colleagues to join PPI Oxford committee 2014/2015 on 01 November.

President: Yudhistira Nugraha
Vice President: I Nyoman Gede Maha Putra
Secretary General: Sandy Adhitia Ekahana
Head of Division I : M. Firmansyah Kasim
Head of Division II: Rahmat Mulyawan
Head of Division III: Anindita Saraswati
Head of Division IV: Johana Felicia

Division of Monitoring & Evaluation: Oktoviano Gandhi
Division of Admin & Finance: Nico Winata
Division of Academic: Aisyah Prastowo
Division of Education Promotion: Nadine A.S
Division of Student & Alumni: Putu Geniki Natih
Division of Public Relation: Iding Achmad Haidir
Division of Communication & Media: Andi Guna

Division of Corporation & Entrepreneurship: Lely Budiyanto

Division of Youth & Sport: Caesaria Danida

Division of Art & Culture: Ayesha C. & Alethea C.

380ff43a0b0b41b6986b26bf52ef30d6.We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate 2014/2015 committee and wish them all the best in this coming year!

Thank you so much everyone for the great year!
PPI Oxford 2013/2014


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